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ubuntu 9.10 runs perfect on my x61t

February 4, 2010

I am always a huge thinkpad fan, ubuntu fan as well. The pre-installed Vista slows my x61t like a 10 year old computer that drove me crazy. I tried Linux from 1999 with RedHat Linux 5.1 on my 486 machine that I can only have 640×480. Ubuntu 9.10 is the new gadget on my thinkpad x61 tablet and I love it.

Here are some software I really like so far :

1. CellWriter ( ). Awesome handwriting recognition software.

2. Xournal ( You can take note by your pen.

3. Prism . My screen is small so I like to maximize its usage.

4. Boxee . Best media center software for my ubuntu/mac os x /xp


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  1. dont you have the porblem with ubuntu 9.10 and the x61t that while using the pan (e.g. with Xournal) the line you write lags behind the pen the harder you push the pan to the screen? Greets

  2. jiqingyao permalink

    I don’t have that kind of issue. Xournal works pretty good for me, but honestly, I still think that I need keyboard to maximize my thinkpad power.

  3. Bryan permalink

    followed the thinkwiki instruction on install ubuntu9.10 on X61T some worked but watcom panel and middle mouse button etc. do not work.

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