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Installed windows 7 on my x61t

March 14, 2010

I always love to try new operating system and tried so many Windows and Linux distributions. Since Windows XP, I stopped trying and using Windows operating system. Why? Because I don’t have powerful enough machine to play with Vista. My X61t came with Vista and I have to wait for 3 minutes or so to use applications. Wasting people’s time is KILLING people. I don’t want to kill myself so I gave up Vista.

I tried Ubuntu on my X61t since 9.04 and I love it since then. Of course, I started using Ubuntu since 6.06 here and there, therefore I am pretty familiar with Ubuntu.

My X61t 80G is getting less and less disk space after installing XP and Ubuntu on it, so I decided to change another hard disk. Today, I bought this Hitachi 320G 7200rpm 2.5″ hard disk from Fry’s for $54 before tax. This at least gives me more space and I also want it to provide me speed boost because my previous one is only 5400rpm.

It’s pretty easy to change hard disk for Thinkpad X61t and it only took me 3 minutes. I also bought a 2.5″ disk enclosure for my previous 80G so I can transfer my old systems to new one. I think I will use dd to copy the old ones, but I heard it’s hard to install Ubuntu after Windows 7 installation, therefore I installed Windows 7 first.

Windows 7 does have good hardware support. Windows update helped me to find many drivers and hand writing also works which is pretty useful.

I don’t want to hate Windows because I LOVE Linux. Being open sometimes is more important than being smart.


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