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How to get ideas implemented

March 30, 2012

This is actually an email I sent to my manager to talk about why some of our new ideas never got implemented and how we can improve that.

Some one from other team who is leaving company and sent out an email mentioned “how frequently these new ideas never got implemented”. This also happened sometimes in our team that ideas didn’t draw enough attention because

1. We don’t have enough resource to do this now, let’s revisit it later
2. We are going to have something great in “near” future, let’s hold off
3. Majority of us don’t think it’s a good idea at all
4. We need to follow the “protocol”

So this is normally what had happened next
1. We never revisit some of the ideas and kept them in the bottom of the backlog
2. We keep repeating some tedious manual work and waiting for the great things
3. Some really good ideas vanished because they didn’t work well at the time they were pointed out
4. We keep using some slow tools like SVN and having no chance to take advantage of the latest tools/methods etc.

However, let’s think from a different view. What makes us work so hard even in our own time. Because of the passion to build this B&R pipeline to be the best in the company, or even to be a world-class product.

This made me think about two things I have learned from the book Steve Jobs.

1. Love what you work and work for your love
2. A player only likes to work with A player

So here are some of the suggestions I have for the team and how to implement the ideas. ( though I know it may be just like other vanished ideas )

1. Build an A player team
2. Give time to these A players and let them to prototype new ideas, but timebox it.
3. Never, never held off a good idea because “we are going to have something great happen shortly”.
4. Get feedback from the users continuously and “don’t just throw the tools out of the fence”
5. Always spend time on refactoring our infrastructure, revisiting the ideas, sharing and advocating our ideas to more audiences, inside or outside the company

Let the A player to innovate , to share and to be appreciated.


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