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April 19, 2012


Node.js is really shining these days and Y! is heavily investing on it with the open source project called cocktail.

From what I understand, what the main ideas behind Node.js are :

  • Using javascript as programming language ( function is the first class citizen )
  • V8 Javascript engine ( Google bought , open-sourced it and is pushing its limits )
  • Event-driven, asynchronous I/O ( be able to run things simultaneously without having context switching penalty )
  • Libraries ( makes JS be able to talk outside of browsers)

Let’s compare to what we have in the kingdom of Perl

  • anonymous subroutine already provides closure in Perl
  • Perl has a very robust interpreter/engine and can be used almost on every platforms
  • AnyEvent provides “provides a uniform interface to various event loops.”
  • CPAN provides much more libraries/modules than Node.js

The comparison pretty explains how we can write node.js like code in Perl

  • Pick up a high efficient event loop implementation with AnyEvent
  • Use name/anonymous subroutines as callback for any event

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